5 Strategies To Help Your New Product Launch


Everyone wants a successful product launch, but not everyone knows what it takes to have one. A successful product launch requires a smart strategy and preparation. Big companies have mastered this and that is why they can have successful launches where they even sell millions of products. Any company or person can employ strategies for a successful product launch. Jeff Walkers PLF – provides great insight on understanding product launch formula. Likewise, understanding product launch formula will give you a success story to tell.

Product Launch

1. Social Media Campaign

A strong social media campaign could take your product launch to great miles. If you already have social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you are ready to start your company. If not, create thahsgsgsghssghgsgssese pages and begin promoting them to gain followers. Before steering the campaign, get a creative team to create a content calendar that is in line with the type of product in question. A good creative team knows how to incorporate current affairs into your product to create a catchy and viral but helpful message that will create a buzz around your product. Use hashtags, viral short videos and images to trigger interest. Social media platforms are also a good place to post creative sneak peaks of your product. Sneak peaks create suspense and at the same time building interest. Snapchat, Instastories and Facebook stories have also proved to be helpful in social media campaigns for product launches.

2. Partnering with other brands

Identify other brands in your niche whose partnership you could benefit from. For example, insurance companies when launching new products have been known to partner with banks to create a hype around the products. You should especially partner with a brand that has a wider reach to help you reach more people. The brand you partner with could become one of your launch sponsors and thus will help you promote the product launch. You can also both hold a common competition on social media that will run on both brands’ social media pages.

3. Use influencers

People who have taken their time in understanding product launch formula have benefited from using social influencers. Get influencers to talk about your product on their social media pages and blogs. Identify influencers in your niche or those that do not associate with a specific niche as long as they will positively contribute to your product. Give them a few products to gift their followers by running competitions. Get them to creatively blog about your product. The thing about influencers is that they have gained trust from their followers and if they endorse a product, their followers will embrace it.

4. Launch event

Create a launch event and make it as informative, entertaining and enjoyable as you can. Post sneak peaks of what attendees should expect on the launch day. It will intrigue them enough to talk about the launch. A launch event is a great way to meet potential clients and make a lasting impression on them. It is good to hold an actual event offline but have it running live online. One can achieve this by using the available live options on different social media forums.

5. PR

sjdhjdhdhddhThe goal is to reach as many people as possible and good PR will help you achieve this. Make use of media outlets like radio, TV, online publications, magazines and newspapers.…