Get High Rankings on Google

googleEverybody wants to rank very high in Google, but not all know the right process.

Being on top of Google for a particular keyword means you are going to receive free traffic from Google with which you can decide to do whatever you want with the traffic. No one wants to build a website that will always be lying there with no one coming to visit. It will become a waste of time and energy. Every day, people are building more websites, and they might be your competitors. If you want to be on top of Google, then you must always be on your toes to defeat your competitors.

Below are some simple tips you can practice to be able to rank high in Google. Your aim is to be within the top 10, but the best you should aim for is the top 3.

Keyword rich domain
Your domain name plays a significant role in your search campaign. Always ensure the keyword you want to rank for is in your domain name. Moreover, stay away from keywords that are highly competitive like ‘make money online’ and ‘weight loss’. Though weight loss is the niche you want to focus on, your domain name shouldn’t be weight loss because it has already been taken by somebody. Unless your keyword is not highly competitive and comes with a very low completion, always go in for long tail keywords. To get to know more about keyword rich domain names, you can use Google’s free tool called Google Keyword Tool

Fresh and Quality Content
Your website should be frequently updated at least once a week. Do not let the website site there idle with no or few posts and contents. Always make sure you add quality content and not stolen or outdated contents. The information you give to Internet users through your website should be very informative, useful and most importantly original. When Google bots find out your website is frequently updated, they will always keep coming back to your site for fresh contents, and you might get you posts being indexed few minutes after posting them.

Page Load Time

Google loves web pages that load very fast. No one would want to visit your website and wait for minutesgoogle2 for the page to load before they can access your website, so does Google. You must to a load time test on your web pages and if the results weren’t appreciable, follow the onscreen recommendations you get a stick to them. Always choose a web host or server that is very fast. Google has a free tool you can use to test your websites, just search for it online.

Another important tip you must constantly be doing is back-linking. Always look for quality and not quantity. Some back linking processes you can engage in are; article submission, directory submissions, social bookmarking, social networking and forum commenting.…