Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Reviewed


Anik Singal barely needs an introduction when it comes to affiliate marketing. Anik is the creator of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0. After the launch of his product in January 2014, most people became jubilant and curious about the product and most of them, particularly the students loved it. In his program, Anik helps marketers to apply the current trends in their online marketing venture while running their business from home. Recently, Anik and his team have re-opened the program and made it better with lots of added features.

What is contained in the Inbox Blueprint

The program now simplifies most hard tasks that new marketers face by showing them how to make their marketing profitable. The tool comes with additional bonuses and training webinars all designed to make marketing easy and fun. Among the rewards offered include, traffic academy, Lurn Master Club, Fast Start Program, List academy, and Up to $500 free traffic. Therefore, one can quickly build a great lead magnet, auto responder, thank you page or squeeze a page with just simple clicks of a mouse.

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Anik also focuses on a mistake that most new email marketers do i.e. choosing the wrong niche. A niche is vital for every successful marketing venture. A marketer that picks the wrong niche makes a deadly mistake. With proper research, one can find the right niche for their individual needs. Inbox Blueprint covers much on choosing the right niche and teaches how to pick the right niche in simple steps. Alongside this, he also teaches on how to work best to achieve one’s goals after picking the right niche.

Conversion of Opt-in pages

This is the landing page and is essential in making people join a marketer’s list and not just typical viewing. Inbox Blueprint teaches on how one can structure their page for maximum results. Moreover, it also shows the offers that convert by tracking clicks.


The training module covers a plethora of issues such as three rules of email marketing, the number of products one can promote in a month, writing great emails with compelling subject lines, creating content emails, and email testing and much more.

Benefits of the program

InbbxlbsxcAXCabglihuox Blueprint is pretty simple to follow as it is a step by step program. There are no complicated procedures when using the tool. A newbie can easily master the program. There is solid proof that the tool works. It guarantees great results and all that is needed is for one to sign up for the program.

Ideally, various opportunities exist but finding them can be very challenging. The above Inbox Blueprint Review Jeff Lenney guides new marketers in getting started and eliminating common pitfalls in email marketing. Ideally. it serves to help them thrive online.