The 100k Factory – Ultra Edition Review


Twelve months later after the first launch, many individuals have been raising queries on when the next version of the program would be rolled on. Well, April 2016 the second version of the 100K Factory Ultra Edition will be launched.

This is a new course that is based on the in-house system that helps clients build the electronic brand and make more sales. Their tagline being getting 100k a year under sixty days. The creators of this program are Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.


Brand new

It is crucial to note that this program is new and different from the first version. However, the 100k Factory Ultra jhjjhjhjhjhjgfgfEdition has been built around the same ideas of the first version. The three characteristics of the first version which were scaleable, profitable, and fast have been maintained.

The result which is the cash that the revenue generates has increased tremendously. This new brand version is all about selling the physical goods in the electronic commerce stores. This is being done using a unique and different way that has not been experienced before.

The same end goal

The ultimate objective of this program is to make $264 a day after 60 days or build up a 100k per year income in sixty days. The users who enroll in this program will undergo training that will help them achieve the end goal of the program.

There will be a live webinar training whose goal is to impact the users of the program.
The training has been categorized into three phases; phase one, phase two, and phase three.

Phase one

The phase one will be all about the leveraging of the powers of the sales of the physical goods. This section will enlighten the users on the high converting electronic stores with a high conversion rate of 5% and above.

This will be without the needs of stock at hand or having huge inventory orders. This will be done through the drop shipping of products from China to buyers in various parts of the globe.

Phase two

This will be about the traffic and income automation. Just like the first version, the creators of the program have solved the traffic problem. They will teach you the low-cost advertisements that will result in the immediate and very high conversions.

Phase three

nnnbnbnbnbgfgfUnder the phase, three training is where the rubber meets the road. The strategic expansion is the ultimate skill that will be taught in this section.

The individuals will be shown by the different means that will make their income turn them into an empire.